Llawnroc Parking Services LTD

We are a local company who operate throughout Cornwall and who know of the problems that illegal and discourteous parking can cause.

Car park enforcement can require expert advice; Llawnroc Parking Services can give you that advice. We pride ourselves on providing the right solutions for all our individual clients.

With regular patrols, we can virtually eradicate your parking problems.


A peaceful and professional car park management service is our first priority.

We can provide expert advice to ensure the right solution is tailored to your individual needs. Some sites can easily be adapted to Pay and Display. This can provide you with an excellent income generation scheme that previously did not exist.

We can also provide permits for ‘Permit Parking Only’ parking, operating on a 24 hour ‘Call Out’ only basis, or conduct regular patrols, day and night, or both if you prefer.

  • No site is too big or too small
  • All services compliant with International Parking Community
  • This is a FREE Car Park Management Service

This includes all Corex signage, which is supplied to you free of charge. We can assure you there are no hidden charges and you will have the peace of mind that your car park is in extremely safe and in professional hands. If you are interested in any of our services, why don’t you give us a call and we would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Get In Touch

Please feel free to get in touch regarding any of our services using the following details.

PO Box 85, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 – 9AF

01736 755879

07902 104 703 (24 Hour Service)


The Approved Operator Scheme is supported by the International Parking Community Code of Practice for Parking Enforcement on Private Land and Unregulated Car Parks.

Code of Practice

Llawnroc Parking Services Ltd will at all times follow and abide by our own and the International Parking Community code of Practices. This ensures that drivers do not suffer from excessive charges, poor quality of service and are treated fairly.

We will carry out car park management services on private land to deter illegal or unauthorized parking. This will be conducted in a responsible, effective and efficient manner with due regard to the law.

By achieving this, we can also provide the following:

  • Reduce site congestion
  • The elimination of unauthorized parking on roads and car parks
  • Reduce the chances of abandoned vehicles becoming a health and safety issue as well as an environment issue

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